You are just at the right page if looking for more information on the famous ATN Night Scout Gen 1+ 5x Night Vision Binocular.ATN Night Scout Gen 1+ This is going to be an excellent buy and offers good value for money. Powerful 5x magnification, digital controls for easy and convenient operation, multi-coated all-glass optics and other high end features make this Night Vision Binocular a special one. The most advanced night vision binocular offers true depth perception with superior night vision, thanks to the smart technology. At present, this is the most popular night vision in the world. Thanks to the 1st Generation night vision, one can see clearly in the dark and get a bright and sharp image at a lower cost. This device works well when observing wildlife, boating or getting security for your home.

The Night Vision Binocular is used by American Camping Association and Boy Scouts of America. ATN is a well-known company that manufactures optics for the FBI, the US Military, and the US Department of Homeland Security.

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ATN Night Scout Gen 1+ 5x Product Features

  • Aluminum alloy constriction
  • Powerful 5x objective lens
  • High resolution 1+ Image Intensifier Tube
  • Multi-coated all-glass optics
  • Proshield Lens Coating
  • Water and fog resistant
  • 20 hours Battery Life
  • two years Warranty
  • Automatic On/Off Proximity Sensor
  • Built-in Long Range IR Illuminator
  • fused true depth perception

ATN Night Scout Gen 1+ 5x Specifications

  • 5x Magnification
  • 8.9 by 5.9 by 2.3 inches in dimension
  • 3.3 pounds in weight
  • 20 degrees Field of View
  • 20 meters to infinity Range of Focus
  • Infrared Illuminator
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • IR Indicator
  • two 3V CR123A type battery

ATN Night Scout Gen 1+ 5x Product Description

This Night Vision Binocular is well known for its advanced features. The battery life gets extended by up to ten times. The night vision scope turns on automatically due to the Night Scout’s proximity sensor. The built-in long-range infrared illuminator offers clear visuals in total darkness. You can easily activate or deactivate all the features with just an easy push of a button. It is well equipped with multi-coated 90-millimeter glass lenses and offers 5x magnification for clarity and distance. You can expect 10 hours of battery life without the IR. Other state of the art features include digital adjustments, automatic On/Off, computerized proximity sensor.

ATN Gen 1+ 5X Night Vision Binoculars come with 1st generation intensifier tube giving a max 35000 light amplification. The infrared illuminator will amplify even in darkness when there is no light to amplify. The 90 mm heavy-coated glass lenses offer optimum clarity at a distance.

The Night Vision Binocular carries a two year warranty from ATN.

fog and water resistant
An optimum clarity

slightly blurry around the edges
high-pitched whine when the unit is on

ATN Night Scout Gen 1+ 5x Conclusion

Thisd ATN Night Vision Binocular, made of aluminum alloy construction and of all-glass optics, is just the right choice for rugged and reliable night vision. It is no wonder to find the Binocular popular among campers, predator hunters, bird watcher, and security guards. 1st Generation unit amplifies the existing light several thousand times and helps one clearly see in the dark. The Infrared Illuminator makes sure that there is no light to amplify.
There are two main advantages of these binoculars – less eye fatigue and depth perception. These look like the conventional binoculars but can really help one see in truly dark areas. The ATN Night Scout binoculars are designed to view things even in the dark but with a limitation on the distance. There are hundreds of campers, predators, security guards, hunters, who rely on the advanced pair of ATN Night Scout Gen 1+ 5x and need not look any further.

Those who are for a technologically superior pair of Night Vision and a top-of-the-line binoculars, simply cannot ignore the power of ATN Night Scout Gen 1+ 5X Night Vision Binoculars and its functionalities.