Night-Owl-Lightweight-Night-Vision-MonocularWith so many options in Night Vision googles, it sure can be difficult to make choices. But, not with Night Owl Lightweight Night Vision Monocular. This is an excellent choice plus an outstanding brand too. A popular choice for most people, this is a widely recommended device that offers great value for money.  The top quality all-glass, camera- objective lens with 4x magnification offers great quality and accurate imaging. The higher magnification offers superior resolution and accurate identification even of very distant targets.  The latest generation optical design in the Night Owl adds extra magnification but minus any the extra weight. You will find it very light as compared to other higher-power night vision goggles. One can look for an improved target recognition in any environment. Watch the night time action unfold in through the high-quality 1st generation intensifier and you can see clearly even in complete darkens. Enjoy some brilliant imagery, all thanks to the integral IR illuminator.

Product Features of Night Owl Lightweight Night Vision Monocular

  • High-quality image intensifier tube
  • 4x magnification
  • Built-in infrared illuminator
  • high-quality all-glass optics
  • integrated rubber hand-grip
  • Soft-touch rubber finish
  • Machined aluminum lens housing
  • lightweight, water-resistant housing
  • Includes a carrying bag

Night Owl Lightweight Night Vision Monocular Specifications

  • L x W x H -7.45 by 2.5 by 4 inches
  • 5.7 feet of Minimum Focal Distance
  • 53 feet wide field of view at 200 ft. distance
  • 14 degrees Angular Field of View
  • Objective Optic Design with manual focus
  • 400 nm to 900 nm Spectral Sensitivity
  • Weighs14.8 ounces without batteries
  • Makes use of 3-volt Type-123 lithium battery
  • 45 to 100 hours of battery life

Product Description of Night Owl Lightweight Night Vision Monocular

Exclusive steel stringer system in Night Owl Optics offers extra precision. The elevated zoom offers much higher resolution and accurate identification. It weighs light at only 9 oz and the rubberized finish offers a better grip on the device. The machined aluminum body makes for a stylish and practical design along with a sound and secure mechanical housing. Get unparalleled resolution with kodak playtouch camcorder. The powerful infrared illuminator offers 56-foot field of view at 200 feet for moonless nights. The device boasts of the highest-grade camera quality objective lens and an unrivaled resolution for higher quality distant visibility. The weather-resistant two-piece rubber coated bodies offer better and confident grip.

There are many aspects that can affect a night vision device, for example, the object’s size, conditions of observation and the level of details sought. Night vision devices are able to work belter under clear skies and preferably a full moon as compared to the new moon and cloudy skies. What make Night Owl 4x monocular popular choice are its ultra-lightweight construction and powerful integrated infrared illuminator along with a 1st generation intensifier.
This ultra-compact hand held night vision unit will allow you to see objects in complete darkness, and with ranges up to 70 m. The stylish, weatherproof design makes it handy and easy to carry. Light weight and portable, this is just what you were looking for your many night time pursuits or if working in home security.


  • Works perfectly in near-total darkness
  • easy-to-manage weight
  • a secure grip
  • great value for money


  • First battery may not last long
  • Images not so good towards the edges
  • lack of some kind of strap


Night Owl Optics has always taken pride in offering you with top quality products and have been a consistent leader in night vision technology. Night Owl Lightweight Night Vision Monocular is a good example of their integration of state-of-the-art concepts and designs into all of their night vision goggles. This is going to be a lots of fun and amazing as you discover what all you can see at night with Night Owl 4x monocular. Just wait for the darkness and then get ready to be blown away by this amazing gadget and what all you can see. Everything is now going to be crystal clear and the details are amazing you will be very pleased with the purchase and will find the clarity excellent in darkness. This is an essential for night vision enthusiasts. You get an extraordinary blend of cost and features hear. The lightweight monocular can amplify light up to 500 times. Get this and add to your collection of night vision devices.