Night Owl Optics 5-Power NOXM50 Product ImgaeNight Owl’s extended-body 5-power night vision monocular is a promising unit. Offering better image resolution, you are able to get much accurate identification of distant targets. What you find here is the latest generation of optics design technology and extra magnification but minus all that extra weight. Moreover, you need not sacrifice on light amplification because of the added magnification, which was a common issue in the older-technology generation-1 products. Well, now you need not fear buying a competitive high-mag device and get disappointed with a dark image. What you are getting here in 5-power night vision monocular is the latest and superior optics technology. The price is affordable and this is a great choice for those looking for high-quality optical viewing after dark.

Let us take a look at a comprehensive review of Night Owl Optics 5-Power NOXM50 Night Vision Monocular.

Night Owl Optics 5-Power NOXM50 Product Features

  • SMART Technology
  • automatic on/off proximity sensor
  • Total Darkness Infrared System
  • built-in Infrared Illuminator
  • high-quality all-glass optics
  • manual focus
  • Battery Life up to 45 to 100 hours
  • Soft rubberized finish
  • thermoplastic lens housing that is impact-resistant

Night Owl Optics 5-Power NOXM50 Specifications

  • 5x Magnification
  • 7.45 by 2.5 by 4.25 inches in dimension
  • 14.0 ounces in weight
  • Minimum Focal Distance is of 5.7 feet
  • 50 mm Lens Diameter
  • 400 nm to 900 nm Spectral Sensitivity
  • 12.5 degrees Angular Field of View
  • 3-volt Type-123 lithium battery
  • High-quality generation-1 image intensifier tube

Product Description

Night Owl’s extended- 5-energy monocular offer greater zoom and a superior resolution as well as a much more accurate identification of distant targets.  It makes use of latest generation of optics design technology. You get extra zoom here but minus the weight. The digital controls are easy to use and the Total Darkness Infrared System comes with built-in, adjustable-beam. The unit comes with a tough molded plastic focus ring and a hand strap for secure handling. It is specially designed for easy operation and higher comfort. The 50 mm diameter objective light-ingesting lens carries a high-quality first generation intensifier tube and that built-in infrared illuminator can help you locate your target even in the pitch-dark shadows. The images are vibrant, obvious and crisp.

The high-quality Gen 1 image intensifier tube is the one that offers magic and without getting into too much technical detail. However, it will need some ambient light to work the magic. The infrared illuminator allows one to see the NOXM50 in complete darkness and will offer improved target recognition in any environment.  The t-touch rubberized finish and an impact-resistant molded thermoplastic lens offers the right protection for the 50 mm objective lens. The light and compact design is comfortable to hold.

What makes the 5X NOXM50 Monocular superior to others is the top-quality all glass optics that offer amazingly clear visuals.


  • comfortable grip
  • good performance for the price
  • lightweight and very ergonomic


  • some “fish eye” distortion around the edges
  • not a good idea for mobile tactical operations
  • need to constantly refocus

Conclusion for Night Owl Optics 5-Power NOXM50

With so many choices available in Night Vision Monocular, why should you get Night Owl’s extended-body 5-power NV? Well, this is certainly a great purchase and offers great value for the money. Therefore, it is no surprise to see the Night Vision Monocular a regular choice with many people. This is the most rugged and dependable monocular with 5X magnification with an attractive and protective finish. This is an easy to use device that offers an easy vision capability. Once you activate the infrared light, it does improve the visibility and clarity. You never knew as to how cool night vision can be! The IR built in spotlight is phenomenal and you will be very pleased with the performance. You will be amazed at the improved technology. This is a great option for those who need to look through the shadows after the sun goes down or hunt down a game. It is really exciting to find just how affordable high-quality night vision devices have become.