Night Owl Optics XGEN 2X Digital Night Vision is the newest innovation in consumer night vision technology that is very affordable too.  The lightweight and cost-effective digital monocular is just ideal for home use or in the wild. The XGen is the most practical night vision device for homeowners as well as hunters. The lightweight device with a user-friendly interface allows you to see perfectly during the night.  Now, you will be able to identify targets under the cover of darkness. The lightweight Monocular can work with a one button operation and offers 5 different settings. One can take advantage of selectable Gain and IR combination for different nighttime conditions.

Image of Night Owl Optics XGEN 2X DigitalGet ready to enjoy the latest all digital technology that offers superior night vision in any situation. See crisp and clear images now, no matter how dark it is. The Night Vision Gear is popular among local law enforcement, non-military federal, state and local authorities and are used for different situations. When shopping for the best technology in night vision, XGEN 2X Digital is one of the best options. The popular night vision device will offer 100% satisfaction and is a guaranteed product. Read on to get more comprehensive review on the Night Vision Monocular.

Product Features of Night Owl Optics XGEN 2X Digital

  • compact and ultra-light
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Integrated IR illuminaton
  • three output settings
  • 320×240 display resolution
  • Manual focus adjustment
  • Preprogrammed illumination settings
  • Built-In Infrared Illuminator

Night Owl Optics XGEN 2X Digital Specifications

  • 2.1 x magnification
  • field of view till 60 ft
  • 20mm objective lens diameter
  • Micro-Display Resolution: 320 X 240 pixels
  • imaging sensor resolution –  640×480
  • 12° angle of view
  • Minimal Focal Distance: 1M
  • +/-4 diopter correction
  • 3 ft close focus distance
  • Uses 3 AA batteries

Product Description

Optics XGEN 2X Digital Night Vision designed for viewing at a distance of 70 yards and comes with a powerful built-in infrared illuminator. You can easily see in complete darkness and under low-light conditions. You can -select illumination settings for frame rate configurations and multiple infrared illuminator and each suited for a different application. There are five preprogrammed settings to create different IR output levels and different frame rates for a range of different exposure levels and under varying lighting conditions. When viewing moving subjects, a faster frame rate is preferable and the slower rates works right for the brighter images. You will be able to see up to 70 yards away in total darkness, due to the built-in infrared illuminator. Once you get adjusted to it, you will find it easy to operate and the picture quality is really clear. The field of view is pretty narrow like most monocles and the range of distance is pretty good. This is a good quality, but very affordable NV that makes for smart viewing.

Night Owl Optics XGEN 2X Digital Pros

  • extremely lightweight and compact
  • One button and one hand operation
  • Easily identify targets

Night Owl Optics XGEN 2X Digital Cons

  • eats batteries
  • makes loud clicks


There are endless options available for Night Vision today. Therefore, it feels good to have a brand you can trust and Night Owl XGEN 2X Digital Night Vision Monocular is certainly a superb buy. For a great price, the XGEN 2X Night Vision is widely respected and a regular choice amongst most customers. Offering great digital technology, you are getting great value for money here in the small and light weight unit. The low-end night vision monocular proves to be very functional and certainly a good value for money. This is just the right companion you are looking for if planning to go camping. This is the latest innovation and the most affordable consumer night vision technology.  The powerful built-in infrared illuminator allows you to see till 70 yards in complete darkness. You will definitely be very pleased with Night Owl Optics XGEN 2X Monocular and to cut it short, it could well surpass all your expectation.  This is a very great product and offers great value for money. It comes with programmed adjustments and a terrific selling price. Don’t expect military quality, as this is not a high-end unit, but it is not priced like one either. If you are looking for an inexpensive and compact digital NV, this makes a good choice. Check out the product information and scan testimonials. You will be glad to get with your purchase.