Night Owl Tactical Series G1Night Owl is a brand that you will recognize immediately. Night Owl Tactical Series G1 Night Vision Binocular Goggles are already a popular buy among those looking for ideal solutions for night vision. Offering some great touches, this is a good value for money. The compact set of night-vision binoculars make for a very comfortable experience, under the dark covers of night. This is truly one of the most compact and lightest night vision binoculars that you will come across. The comfortable head mount allows for a hand free usage. Enjoy bright vivid images and extreme close-ups, all thanks to the high quality intensifier tubes and high-end optics. Use it confidently in complete darkness due to the built-in infrared illuminator. Thanks to its light weight, one can carry it almost anywhere. The lenses are coated specifically to enhance image brightness and for better nighttime viewing.

Night Owl Optics is known for using the highest quality components and makes for precise configuration of sensitive internal components.  It is reputed leader in consumer night vision.

Let us take a look at comprehensive review on Night Owl Tactical Series G1 Night Vision Binocular.

Product Features of Night Owl Tactical Series G1

  • compact  and lightweight
  • 4 Objective lens in glass material
  • High quality intensifier tubes
  • Automatic light protection sensor
  • head mount gear standard
  • Enhanced depth perception
  • Bright-light protection circuit
  • Wide field-of-view
  • Battery Life up to 40 to 80 hours

Night Owl Tactical Series G1 Specifications

  • 455-foot viewing range
  • 4.6×4.2×2.1 in in dimension
  • 14 oz in weight
  • 26mm objective lens
  • 1x magnification
  • Resolution lp/mm -35
  • Powered by 2 N Batteries
  • 26mm Objective Lens focal length
  • 9.5″ Focusing range
  • 13mm Ocular Lens focal length
  • -4 to +4 Diopter adjustment
  • Maximum 35 lp/mm Resolution
  • 400-900nm Spectral Sensitivity
  • Angular Field of View of 30 degrees

Product Description

The device is divided into two parts, one is the binocular and the other is the head strap. Enjoy extreme close-up focusing and extra wide field of view with Night Owl Tactical Series G1 Binocular Goggles. The Tactical NOBG1 goggles offer clear visuals even in darker environments. The superb quality intensifier tubes adjusts light exposures and the 1742 ft. field of view at 1000 yards makes for a wide field view. Push button mounting offers higher level of flexibility. The light sensor automatically prevents exhaustion of the intensifier tubes. And a light sensor automatically cuts power to prevent burning out the intensifier tubes in the event of exposure to a potentially damaging light source. Get improved target recognition even in complete darkness due to the built-in columnated infrared illuminator. The coated specifically for nighttime viewing to enhance image brightness. The light sensor protects the intensifier tubes in case of exposure to a potentially damaging light source.

Night Owl Tactical Series G1 Pros

  • easy flip-up design
  • Compact and lightweight
  • excellent close-up focus

Night Owl Tactical Series G1 Cons

  •  low battery life


With so many night vision monocular available today, one needs a brand they can trust. The Night Owl Optics G1 Night Vision Goggle can be used as a detached binocular too. This is specifically designed for hands-free use with a head-mask and the user can quickly flip the goggle for view or to detach for use, due to the hinged fast-release mount. One gets improved depth perception beyond what is offered by standard night vision viewers. The instructions to use and follow are sufficient enough and the head strap is easy to put on and adjust.

The easiest method to find night vision goggles is to surf web and find a cost-effective device. Focus on your needs and objective before buying the NV and you will find a good buy in Optics G1 Night Vision Goggle. Most people have different vision of these goggles and relate them to security personnel or soldier wearing a set of night vision goggles. However, there is much more flexibility attached to these night vision glasses or goggles and they can be used for multiple purposes.
Night Owl Tactical Series G1 Night Vision Goggles will feel both comfortable and light in your hand. You will feel a lot satisfied after buying these compact and durable binoculars. It is to withstand heavy use and last long. Enjoy extreme close-up focus and an extra-wide Field of View. Get some great views with comfortable head mount and 455-foot range of view.