Sightmark 2x24 Gen 1 EclipseSightmark 2×24 Gen 1 Eclipse Night Vision Monocular is a name and brand that you recognize. For this reduced price, this is certainly a great buy and is a highly respected Eclipse Night Vision Monocular. This is just ideal for observing moving targets at different distances. The spectral embodiment is one of the latest in night vision and design. This is a perfect example of what capabilities this new, breakthrough technology can offer in NV and without the weighty price tag. You can use the unit for both daytime and nighttime operation without any fear of damage to the internal components of the device. Sightmark Eclipse 2×24 increases image clarity and brightness. It is especially designed for lengthy operation time and can easily last you for 72 hours of constant battery life. Go ahead use that rubber-armored body toughly without the fear of any damage.

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Sightmark 2×24 Gen 1 Eclipse Product Features

  • Integrated IR flashlight
  • Multi coated optics
  • Wide angle field of view
  • Tripod adapter
  • Built-in IR illuminator
  • Internal Diopter Adjustment
  • IR On / Off button
  • Tough rubber body
  • (2) AAA batteries
  • Tripod adapter
  • Operating Time 20 hours to 72 hours

Sightmark 2×24 Gen 1 Eclipse Specifications

  • 2x Magnification
  • 5.6in x 3.4in x 2.3in
  • 11.9oz weight
  • 36 lines / mm Resolution
  • Objective 24mm
  • 23 degrees Angular field of view
  • Eyepiece Adjustment +/- 5
  • Voltage 3V
  • Dimensions 5.6in x 3.4in x 2.3in

Product Description of Sightmark 2×24 Gen 1 Eclipse

Sightmark 2×24 Gen 1 Eclipse Monoculars are multi-operational optics and come with attributes an extended viewing assortment. The created-in IR illuminator lengthens viewing features and the advanced interior electronic system certainly make the device a much superior product. The monocular can last till 72 several hours of constant battery lifestyle and is ought to-have NV for any leisure tour.  Make use of those Gen 1 capabilities with edge-to-edge resolution. Perhaps the most amazing ability of Sightmark SM14063 Nightvision Monocular are those innovative digital technologies. The built-in IR illuminator is practically invisible and extends viewing capabilities even higher. The monocular offers you instant battery life up to 72 hours. This is a must-have for any professional function or recreational excursion.  It easily integrates a 24mm diameter objective lens and magnification of 2x into a generation 1 intensifier tube. An IR on/off button switches the R illuminator. The package contains carrying case, lens covers, cleaning cloth and lifetime limited warranty.


  • Light weight, compact
  • daytime and nighttime operation
  • Integrated IR flashlight



  • Gen 1 capabilities

Conclusion for Sightmark 2×24 Gen 1 Eclipse

Sightmark 2×24 Gen 1 Eclipse Night Vision Monocular is a great buy for general use. The controls are simple and easy to follow and use. Battery life is good, and this certainly makes for a good package. The IR is excellent and buyers find it an awesome product, especially for night hunting. For the price, you will be simply amazed at the performance and quite impressed at the image. The built-in illuminator will be required if you don’t have much ambient light. Overall though, you will be impressed with your purchase and would certainly recommend it to other buyers. Inspired by law and military enforcement applications, the Sightmark series night vision monoculars are multifunctional and carry progressive interior electronic system. One can easily mount the monocular onto a tripod and owing to its compact size, one enjoys augmented portability. You will like the Aluminum material with a black finish.

Go ahead check out the device and you will find it just perfect for your nocturnal exploration.  The device is compact enough to be stored in a backpack or other small spaces. This is a general nighttime observation and surveillance. You can see your target up to a distance of 100yd. The integrated IR illuminator can be switched on and off easily via a button. This is one of the most lightweight night vision monoculars currently and great for the price. This is a must have NV and at an awesome price.