Yukon Digital Ranger 5x42A good option for a very popular Night Vision Goggle is the famous Yukon Digital Ranger 5 x 42 Night Vision Monocular. This certainly makes for a good choice and will be a perfect buy and you cannot get a quality product at this reduced price. Sellmark Corporation is widely respected and a regular choice with most people. Thanks to its unique combination of best edge-to-edge resolution and high magnification, one gets exceptional daytime optical capabilities. Get ready to experience revolutionary digital night vision as the Night-Vision Monocular offers crisp and sharp on the whole field of view and without any distortions.

Let us take a comprehensive look at Yukon Digital Ranger 5 x 42 Night Vision review.

Yukon Digital Ranger 5 x 42 Product Features

  • Estimated battery life  up to 10 hours
  • Rugged Rubber Armor
  • two independent built-in IR illuminators
  • Manual adjustment of LCD brightness
  • direct built-in video recording output

Yukon Digital Ranger 5 x 42 Specifications

  • 5X Magnification
  • 6.7 x 4.6 x 3 inches in dimensions
  • 28.2 ounces inw eight
  • 510 x 492 pixels CCD resolution
  • 42 millimeters Lens diameter
  • Detection distance up to 300 yards
  • IR illuminator effective up to 200 yards
  • Six AA batteries
  • 1/4 inch Tripod socket

Yukon Digital Ranger 5 x 42 Product Description

Yukon Digital Ranger 5 x 42 Night Vision Monocular is ideal for day and night use. It is lodged in a protective carrying case and comes with neck strap. There are car and wall AC adapters too.  The two independent built-in IR illuminators make for optimum viewing and under any light conditions. One can see clearly from light moon nights to total darkness. The 42-millimeter objective lens of completely multicoated and made of high-quality optical glass. Image transmission as well as video recording becomes easier with the 5X magnification Direct built-in video recording. The two independent built-in IR illuminators make sure that beam remains undetectable to watchful eyes.

This product is a monocular not a binocular and the secondary lens is actually an IR beam. Unlike Gen1 devices, the unit is not subjected to optical damage when exposed to bright light and you get distortion free images. The generous 42-millimeter objective lens offers exceptional image quality. It is made of multicoated high-quality optical glass and delivers effective night vision capabilities under light moon and complete darkness. The device can work during the day and night without any damage. The unique innovations in the compact body include a direct video output for video recording and AC adaptable power. This is certainly the most versatile digital night vision system available within the price. Yukon Digital Ranger is backed by Limited Lifetime Warranty and the package consists of protective carrying case, car and wall AC power adapters and a neck strap.


  • Image quality is distortion free
  • durable, compact body
  • great value for money


  • not really useful for night wildlife
  • bulky and heavy


To conclude on Yukon Digital Ranger 5 x 42 Night Vision Monocular, the device has its pros and cons, but worth a look. You need not fear any optical damage when exposed to bright light. The device is tough and sturdy but also bulky and heavy. The 5x lens is fine for long distance viewing but not good for close spotting.  The power output allows it to operate on external power sources and it can run independently using AA batteries/accumulators. Get ready for your next adventure with this amazing Digital Night Vision Ranger. With amazing features, it offers powerful magnification and the clarity of Gen 2 Night Vision. This is one of the most powerful infrared illuminators on the commercial market yet. Advanced Optics and higher magnification offer better details in the visuals and make for an incredible observation experience. Consumers can now easily record night-time activities and overall, it is a good buy for the price.