Yukon NVMT 1x24 Head Mount KitIf you are looking for quality nights eye-sight with the superior value of the 1×24 monocular, then perhaps Yukon NVMT 1×24 Head Mount Kit should be your first choice. The famous Yukon Head Mount Kit will certainly be a superb buy at such a price. Yukon have added some excellent touches and this equals good value for money. The compact and lightweight Head Mount Kit offers hands-free usage. As there is no magnification, the users can see a clear image and without distortion or any change in depth perception. It can be easily flipped up when not in use and flipped down when activated. The pulsating infrared beam enhances the night vision and one can easily take off the mount for hand-held use with a simple detaching mechanism. This particular light-weight, and inexpensive monocular offers capability to change effortlessly with regard to several actions.

Read on to learn more about Yukon NVMT 1×24 Head Mount Kit.

Yukon NVMT 1×24 Head Mount Kit Product Features

  • Two built-in 1/4-inch tripod sockets
  • Photo/Video equipment adaptable
  • Hands-free operation
  • Integrated IR illuminator with focusing beam
  • Integrated “On/Off” and “IR activation” LED indicators
  • Weather resistant construction
  • Estimated battery life up to 30 hours
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Yukon NVMT 1×24 Head Mount Kit Specifications

  • 1x Magnification
  • 5.6 by 3.4 by 2.4 inches in dimension
  • 13.4 ounces in weight
  • 24 millimeters Lens diameter
  • 30 degrees Field of view
  • one yard to infinity Focus range
  • Focus range: one yard to infinity
  • Diopter adjustment: +/- 4
  • up to 160 yards Detection distance
  • 3V (CR 123A) battery

Product Description

The NVMT 1×24 Head Gear Kit incorporates quality, technology, and practicality. The small unit is easy to carry and handle. The activated Pulse system IR illuminator uses a pulsating infrared beam to enhance night vision viewing capabilities. There are additional accessories like Riflescope Conversion Kit, NVMT IR Flashlight, Digital Camera Adapter, etc. The exclusive PULSE™ system Infrared (IR) Illuminator offers infrared lighting for an increased image, while its stays invisible to the human and animal’s eyes. The PULSE system works with quick IR energy bursts and can penetrate further to increase distance, visibility and image quality. One can prevent any significant battery drainage. Yukon1x24 Nite Eyesight Glasses system comprises of objective as well as multi-tasking facilities’ along with add-ons. You will find 24 mm zoom lens, multiple covered lens and correct Colour magnesium zoom lens films. Another prominent functions are the good over shadow zoom lens and the prismatic framework. The NVMT Goggle 1×24 gets backed by Yukon’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Yukon NVMT 1×24 Head Mount Kit Pros

  • compact and lightweight
  • Water and fog-resistant
  • Multitasking night vision monocular

Yukon NVMT 1×24 Head Mount Kit Cons

  • skullcrusher  is uncomfortable
  • bare skin
  • chinstrap attachment is a little plastic


Yukon NVMT 1×24 Head Mount Kit will surpass your expectation and save your money as well.  You will be pretty happy and pleased with the gadget. These aren’t heavy and is you get the weapon attachment, this could be another useful feature. You will be pleased with the clarity and lack of fuzz offered in these optics. It works fine in different lighting situations and offers incredible amount of illumination. The head gear is fashioned to provide hours of comfortable hands-free operation and perfect for high-tech and night hiking. Water- and fog-resistant is perfect for outdoors, travel and night hiking. You can transform it into a riflescope with the help of optional accessories. The low magnification offers comfortable viewing and prevents distance distortion while working. This is just the ideal monocular you would want for comfortable viewing and versatility. As it is resistant to water and fog, it is perfect for outdoors and travel, high-tech ranger games and night hiking.  Enjoy hours of comfy hands-free operation with the Head mount kit attached to this Yukon NVMT 1 x 24 monocular. You may take some time to get used to the slight magnification.

Go ahead and get the NVMT and you will truly be impressed by the build quality. Visibility is clear and the strap adjustments offer extra stability.  The NV is pretty awesome for the price. The gadget is lightweight but sturdy as the same time.