Yukon Sea Wolf 3X42Yukon Sea Wolf 3X42 Night Vision Monocular makes for an excellent choice if looking for NV. The night vision monocular offers an impressive performance and is well cased in a practical hard case. The waterproof and rubberized body keeps it protected under nay protects under any weather condition or rough usage. The compact body is small enough and will it in palm of your hand easily or can be placed comfortably in a pocket. Optional accessories with the device are sold separately. Offering progressive technology but without compromising on practicality, this is an extremely adaptable night vision monocular. The Sea Wolf is adaptable for any situation or condition and the built-in camera adapters allow for night vision as well as photography.

Read on to learn more about Yukon Sea Wolf 3X42 Night Vision Monocular.

Product Features of Yukon Sea Wolf 3X42

  • waterproof, fog-proof, and floatable
  • Photo/video equipment adaptable
  • Two built-in 0.25-inch tripod sockets
  • On/Off” and “IR activation”
  • NVMT Rifle Conversion Kit
  • Directional Sound Amplification System
  • Digital Camera Adapter
  • NVMT Infrared Flashlight
  • 17-inch High Table Top Tripod
  • Rifle Stock/Arm Stabilizer Pad Kit
  • Built-in PULSE IR Illuminator
  • Window Mount and Rifle Mountable
  • Headgear Mountable
  • Photo-Video Adaptable
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Includes protective carrying case and wrist strap
  • Estimated Battery life up to 30 hours
  • Submersible, Waterproof, and Fog Proof

Specifications for Yukon Sea Wolf 3X42

  • 8.5 x 4.5 x 3 inches in dimension
  • 1pound in weight
  • 32-36 resolution
  • 5 to Inf. Focus Range
  • Diopter Adjustment:    +/- 5
  • 3V (CR123A) battery :
  • Photo-Video Adaptable
  • Rubber Armored

Product Description

Sea Wolf 3X42 Night Vision is a popular choice among users and can amplify visible light some thousand times. The battery drainage gets minimized due to built-in infrared illuminator and the fully multi-coated optics help in improving light transmission and  decreasing glare. The magnification is just perfect for both short and long distance observation. This is a versatile and powerful Night Vision Monocular. The exclusive PULSE IR Illuminator sends quick I.R. energy bursts that penetrate further, thus improving image quality and increasing distance visibility. The new lenses make for increased wavelength and superior contrast characteristics to maximize light amplification. The cap can easily secure to Monocular Body for lens cap loss prevention.  The package contents include protective carrying case and wrist strap apart from the gadget. Optional accessories include NVMT (Sea Wolf) IR Flashlight, Digital Camera Adapter, NVMT (Sea Wolf) Rifle Conversion Kit, Directional Sound Amplification System, Window Mount, High Table Top Tripod, and Rifle Stock and Arm Stabilizer.

Yukon Sea Wolf 3X42 Pros

  • Compact and lightweight
  • hands-free operations
  • waterproof

Yukon Sea Wolf 3X42 Cons

  • illuminator could be a bit larger
  • lens cap storage design a bit clumsy


The Sea Wolf 3×42 is just the right NV for short or long distance observation. One can easily focus on objects at 5 yards to the horizon and the NVMT series is known to offer excellent light amplification performance. At 36 lines/mm, it has just about the best resolution in the market. You will find the illuminator is bright and has a crisp edge. You are sure to get impressed on how the vision works under complete darkness. This is a good product and you will be happy over all. The image can be focused to a sharp picture and the optics are very good. The IR illuminator works great. The multi-tasking night vision unit with so many features, serves all your night vision needs.  Whether you are at home, in the desert, or deep in the jungle, this Yukon Monocular provides excellent viewing. This waterproof monocular is light and compact and easy to work with. One can always attach it to head mount for hands-free viewing. The ergonomically designed body will fit comfortably in your hand.

Yukon Optics is a leading manufacturer of high-end optical devices, such as night vision devices, binoculars, and numerous accessories. It is their cutting edge digital technology, and reliable quality have made a world known name and leaders in sport optics. The company headquarters are in Mansfield, Texas