ATN Infra Red IR450-B3: NVB5X, NVB10X, NVG7


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ATN Infra Red IR450-B3 is an IR illuminator that can go well with many night vision devices that you have. Many night vision devices do not have IR illuminator and therefore if you are looking for infrared illuminator you can look out for ATN Infra Red IR450-B3 that works well with wide range of ATN night vision devices. This IR illuminator is simple and easy to use and therefore it can be used even by first time night vision device users. The illuminator attaches quickly and easily ensuring that you do not waste time in attaching the illuminator to the night vision device.

ATN Infra Red IR450-B3 is definitely one of the best IR illuminators that you can find in the market for ATN night vision devices because it can also provide three times the visible distance. The illuminator is compatible with various devices like ATN NVG7-2, ATN NVG7-CGT, ATN NVG7-HPT, ATN NVG7-3, ATN NVG7-3A, ATN NVB5X-2, ATN NVB5X-CGT, ATN NVB5X-HPT, ATN NVB5X-3, ATN NVB5X-3A and many other devices. Hence, it is versatile and compact and can offer better performance in dark environments. Users that are already using night vision devices can make use of this IR illuminator that can improve the overall performance of the device.

ATN Infra Red IR450-B3 is designed to make the job easier with the help of better illuminating technology that is not visible to humans and animals and therefore it offers better options to users that want more flexibility and power to their night vision devices. The illuminator is compact, versatile and lightweight and therefore users can carry it individually or can attach it to their NVDs.