ATN OTS X F314 Thermal Viewer 320×240-Inch, 14mm


(as of 02/02/2014 at 10:39 UTC)
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ATN OTS X F314 Thermal Viewer is a small thermal imager that certainly offers better freedom and functionality to the users compared to the larger thermal viewer. ATN OTS X F314 allows the users to see clearly in the dark and it also works well for those who want to use it for their adventure trips and expeditions to wildlife areas. ATN OTS X F314 is the latest from Advanced Technology International and offers better viewing experience in the dark. The device is compact and versatile and therefore it can be used in many different ways.

On the outside, ATN OTS X F314 Thermal Viewer is absolutely rugged and comes with rubberized body that ensures that it can handle harsh weather and tough terrain conditions. The device is water and weather resistant that makes it comfortable to use in many situations. Although, it weighs 7 pounds it is small in size and therefore users can carry this thermal imager in their pocket. One of the striking features of ATN OTS X F314 Thermal Viewer is that it has the ability to interchange the objective lens so users can have multiple magnifications based on their mission or requirements. The device already includes 320×240 resolution lens, but users can make use of other interchangeable lens that are available in the market. It has Digital Brightness Control that helps users to adjust the brightness for better view. ATN OTS X F314 Thermal Viewer is simple and easy to use and therefore it can be used for various situations. It also offers better battery performance so users can have around 72 hours of usage.