Yukon NVMT 1×24 Head Mount Kit


(as of 02/02/2014 at 09:32 UTC)


Being hands-free is a great thing when you are heading on an expedition. Yukon NVMT 1X24 Head Mount Kit combines 1X24 monocular with secure headgear and generation 1 night vision monocular. This is certainly good for users that want to make sure that they do not want to keep monocular in their hand all the time. With the help of secure headgear users can make use of the night vision monocular that they have on their head. The device is meant for users that need simple monocular with night vision capabilities and that have hands-free operation. Yukon NVMT 1X24 Head Mount Kit is good for various adventure trips and expeditions and has a tough body on the outside. The rubberized body on the outside makes it weather resistant and also protects it against accidental drops.

Yukon NVMT 1X24 Head Mount Kit is certainly simple monocular device and therefore it uses no magnification which actually helps users to view their images in a better way. The image is visible without any distortion or change in depth of perception. The monocular sits tight secured to a mounting system that is fitted well with the headgear. It can be flipped up when not in use and down when users want to activate it so it makes the entire user experience simple and easy. The striking feature of Yukon NVMT 1X24 Head Mount Kit is that it also incorporates IR illuminator with focusing beam. It also has IR activation LED indicators that users can switch on and off as per their preferences.