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While there are many night vision tracker goggles available in the market, Yukon has come up with their new Yukon YK25025 1 X 24mm night vision tracker goggles that can offer better night time eyesight camera option to the users. This night vision tracker goggles is designed to offer better and clear view in darkness allowing users to get better viewing experience in low light conditions and even in complete darkness. This new night vision tracker goggles from Yukon offers better user experience for those who are venturing to places where there light conditions are not good.

New Yukon YK25025 offers a hands-free experience and comes with a head strap that users can wrap around their head and make use of the night vision tracker goggles. The device is compact and lightweight and therefore it is an ideal piece of technology that can be used for camping and other night time activities. Yukon YK25025 weighs around 5.2 pounds and therefore it is lighter than other night time tracker goggles that are available in the market. It also offers better large field of view that allows the users to get a great night time view. It also comes with dual dioptre that can offer users to make changes to get better night time view according to light conditions. The goggles are also equipped with settings that can allow users to integrate better power and offers better battery that can last long for many hours. With Yukon YK25025 users can see in the dark up to 20 feet offering excellent viewing options for authentic night vision experience.